Simple Consulting Solutions

  • Web development. Classic .ASP, .NET, PHP, LAMP, jQuery, Java, JavaScript, HTML5. To name a few. We are Developers. Not developers of any one specific language. We keep pace with the ever evolving new languages and technologies in a way that makes us comfortable taking on any project in any language or environment.

  • Database design and/or migration. MSSQL, Oracle, MySQL. The list goes on. Our DBA team can get your data moving as fast as it needs to. We have migrated from many DBMS to many other DBMS per our clients needs. If you have data we can do what you need to do to that data.

  • SEO. For any publicly facing website to succeed, it needs search engines to find it and rank it. Ranking you as high as possible will always be our goal. We have extensive experience in making existing non-ranking sites rank with very little effort. If you have the content, we can make it rank.

  • Hardware and networking. We got you covered on these gears as well.

  • OSs and software. We have worked with all major operating systems in a variety of heterogeneous environments.